Cybermaturity Assessment

  Want to know how cyber mature you are? Looking for a standardized model to understand how you measure up to your competitors?

At Optic Cyber Solutions, we use CMMI's Cybermaturity Platform (CMMI-CP) to provide a standardized approach for defining risk, measuring cybersecurity capabilities, and developing a roadmap toward meeting maturity targets and building organizational resilience.

The Cybermaturity Platform takes a risk-based, capability driven approach to standardizing maturity and enabling organizations to prioritize cyber capabilities based on their business needs. The Cybermaturity Platform was launched by the CMMI Institute in 2018 and has now been implemented by dozens of organizations around the world with great success!

Optic’s engineers worked directly with CMMI to develop the patent pending Cybermaturity Platform. Additionally, Optic continues to support the maintenance and expansion of the CMMI-CP by incorporating cybersecurity and privacy best practices and developing alignments to relevant standards including NIST SP 800-171.

Leveraging the CMMI-CP, we assist organizations large and small to:

  • Measure current maturity levels
  • Set target maturity levels
  • Generate a prioritized roadmap of cybersecurity capabilities
  • Align to industry recognized standards & frameworks

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By understanding the business risks of an organization, along with the current baseline maturity, we develop roadmaps for improvement to close gaps while moving toward a targeted maturity level consistent with your business objectives.

Figuring out where to start is often the hardest part of managing risk and building organizational resilience. Using the CMMI-CP, we can help you identify which capabilities have the greatest impact on your business and create a prioritized roadmap of capabilities to drive down risk and keep your organization running!

Once created, the roadmap can be used to manage improvement projects and track progress over time. Using the CMMI-CP, Optic can help you leverage this platform to keep you ahead of your adversaries and on top of best practices.

For more information on how Optic Cyber Solutions can help you measure and mange security risks in your organization with the CMMI Cybermaturity Platform, send us an email at